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Why Choose Green Thumb?

#1 We Are Accountable

#2 We Are Affordable

#3 We Do Quality Work 

Hello, my name is Justin and I started my first lawn care business at the young age of 12 years old as many kids did.  When you're a kid and you want to make some money, you mow some lawns.  Some kids take it seriously and have pride in the work they do but most didn't care enough to even know what customer service was or the importance of accountability.  I was the kid who cared and treated things as if they were my own.  The mower was old, the hedge trimmers were powered by my arms, not electricity and the leaf blower was a broom but it still looked just as great then as it does now 30+ years later.  I attribute a lot of that pride to my grandparents who help to instill in me the importance of being accountable and always doing your best quality work.


Now here at Green Thumb Landscaping & Yard Care you will see that same pride and quality in every project we complete for you.  Lucky for us the equipment has come a long way in 30+ years! 


Let us help you create the outdoor space of your dreams! 


Call or email for free estimate.      


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